RoboDay, supported by Dtec, is hosting a PitchDay that brings together innovators and investors in the field of robotics to showcase the latest advancements and explore new opportunities for collaboration and growth.
May 18th / 2023
In partnership with DTEC
On May 18th, 2023 you will meet startups, entrepreneurs, and researchers in the field of robotics who will present their ideas, products, and services to potential investors, customers, and partners.
DTEC (Dubai Technology and Entrepreneurship Campus), Dubai Silicon Oasis
The competition is merit based and is open for hardware robotics companies in the seed stage (working prototype) and above. We will select 6 startups in total to present in front of the leading regional investors.
ROBODAY is inviting all hardware robotics founders to take part in the first ever robotics specific pitch competition in the UAE in the beginning of May
Launched in 2022, ROBODAY brings together robotics company pioneers and industry leaders based in the UAE and connects them with world experts within the same field.
On May 18th 2023, RoboDay is hosting a PitchDay to showcase the latest regional advancements in robotics technology.

One of the end goals of this event is to investigate the advantages of developing robotization within industrial and commercial landscapes, explore various possibilities of using robots in everyday life, and support the emerging regional community of hardware robotics startups.
Time Description
Gathering & Welcome
Pitch sessions. A set of pitched with presentations from several companies that will include demonstrations of working prototypes, videos, or slideshows
Q&A session
Dtec Ventures closing.Dtec Ventures closing an official part of an event
Networking & Refreshments
    We want to show, that robotic companies contain significant technological potential. But the process of creating a hardware technology takes longer period than it takes usually in software companies and iterations are longer. Another step after a product is ready is certification. You cannot go to market with a ‘beta'. So we encourage you to know more about disrupting potential in robotics and in everything what they call ‘Industry 4.0
    We want to point the attention to a perspective and potential of hardware robotics. Let us join the efforts for creating a well established and one of the most important sectors: automation and Robotics. UAE has all the recourses to be one of the world leaders in Industry 4.0 — the industry of the future.
    To contribute your knowledge and experience to the community. To be a part of it. To gain new connections. To find new friends from the industry. To create Industry 4.0 in UAE together.
    We want to gather innovative unique robotic startups under one roof in order to create basis for future funding and make your developing process easier in ROBOCLUSTER.
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A5 Auditorium, Dtec, Dubai Silicon Oasis